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Working with our incredible group of interns (the People's Librarians!) we've created a 'how-to' guide for starting your own branch of the People's Library.  The guide describes our entire process of starting and maintaining the project's first branch in Richmond, VA. Importantly, this is not the only way to do the project. We developed our project through listening, relationship building, compromise, and responding to the various social, political, artistic, and historical contexts specific to Richmond.  So be creative, keep your eyes and ears open, build challenging and mutually inspiring community partnerships and use our zine as a starting point for making your own incredible People's Library project!  Please feel free to contact us at any point with questions not addressed in the zine.


Have you started your own branch of the People's Library? Send us information and we'll include your project here!


People's Library How To Guide, 2013/2014 >



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