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Each semester a group of high school and college students take on the role of a People's Librarian.   The People's Librarians become the stewards of the project learning creative and community based skills as they engage with a theme or community of their choice.  People's Librarians develop relationships with community partners, facilitate workshops, and bring new histories into the People's Library collection allowing it to grow in new and challenging ways.




An evolving charter added to by each group of People's Librarians

A People’s Librarian serves as a facilitator, a leader, and an organizer. Librarians employ a variety of skills that include resourcefulness, organizational prowess, social engagement, outreach, and mastery of social activist language and activity.


A librarian’s different responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Gathering resources and materials needed to carry out workshops.

  • Making connections and reaching out to institutions as potential venues for workshops or sources for book donations.

  • Learning how to present the project to the public and mastering language that properly reflects the goals and objectives for the project, as well as its collective nature.

  • Hosting and leading workshops.

If interested in becoming a People's Librarian? We'd love to work with you!

Please contact us for more information:

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